Cape Epic Team American Classic – KMC – Look : ready to go !

Pendant la durée de la Cape Epic, deux de nos trois partenaires principaux étant étrangers (American Classic et KMC), le blog sera en anglais, vous pouvez cependant nous suivre en français en utilisant Google translate, les traductions ne sont jamais parfaites mais vous aurez je pense le plus important. Pour traduire en français l’article ci-dessous, cliquez ici.

Here we are, Cape Epic 2013, 2 years after my last Cape Epic (2011) while Jeff is almost at home being here for its 4th Cape Epic in a row (he finished the 3 previous ones which makes him an Amabubesi club member).

Cape Epic is a big adventure, that’s for sure, and what’s funny and challenging is that the adventure often starts way before the actual start of the race :

– registering for the race.

– finding partners –> we owe a big thank you to American Classic, KMC and Look Cycle for their support all year long and especially on that race.

– training in an awful europeean winter.

– travelling to the race when the airports are very hard to access (lot of snow mid-March in France, what are the odds ? 😉 ), that made for an interesting trip… but we made it, with  no luggages or bikes when we arrived but we got them a day later so nothing to complain a lot about.

– finally we added a bit of work for the Hout Bay Cycling Club, trying to get as many clothes as possible for the kids who ride in that club and adding a bit of money in the huge bag we made for them. A big thank you to all the people who sent us clothes  and money, you really helped us help those kids which we feel is giving a bit back to the country that organizes the best mountain bike stage race in the world !

So tomorrow morning we start at 9:16am local time, that’s the only « short day » of the week with 22km so of course we have to ride it with a faster tempo than the tempo for the rest of the week but we’ll also definitely keep it on the safe side, there is very little time to gain on such a short distance as opposed to the grueling stages of the rest of the week.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so here are a couple and of course we’ll be back with more news every day, longer stories when we feel like it, shorter ones when we are dead (yeah… that might happen) but no matter what we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for following us and have some great rides in the mean time !

Pyf and Jeff

Back Camera

Back Camera

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