Cape Epic, a day in the life of Team American Classic – KMC – Look… stage three

Rappel : Pendant la durée de la Cape Epic, deux de nos trois partenaires principaux étant étrangers (American Classic et KMC), le blog sera en anglais, vous pouvez cependant nous suivre en français en utilisant Google translate, les traductions ne sont jamais parfaites mais vous aurez je pense le plus important. Pour traduire en français l’article ci-dessous, cliquez ici.

Half of « IT » is DONE ! That’s what you could hear at the end of today’s stage and that’s a satisfaction to make it up to this point. You can also look forward and say that the other half still has to be done and you can’t expect that second half to be easy.

Actually, I don’t expect it to be easy but maybe a bit easier than the first half. Why ? I can think of two reasons :

– the first one is true for everybody, after wednesday’s stage is finished, you can almost smell the finish line. It’s an image of course but you know there are « only » 3 more big days to finish and then sunday the stage is shorter and I don’t think anybody can drop off the race on the last stage, it’s just too close to the goal to let go !

– the second one is true for me right now, I’m pretty happy to say my Cape Epic theory is confirmed… you might ask « what’s your stupid theory » ??? Well there it is : I’ve always said you will start a stage like you finished the previous one. So monday I finished crawling to the finish line and yesterday I felt like s**t (sorry for the swear word) for five and a half hour out of six hours and fourty minutes. But I actually finished really strong which was a blessing, you have to be patient sometimes and I’m glad I was. So if you follow my theory since I finished well yesterday I could only feel good today and that was definitely the case. I was like « well, finally, I’m back » and I finished well again today so you see why my confidence is coming back.

So what happened today ? Well, the fact that I had great legs today didn’t translate into an awsome result for the team. Jeff did a lot of work the last two days with me not being in my best shape and unfortunately that + a super fast start put him in a « hole » for about 30km right after the 50k mark. I did my best to help him all day, I really owed him, but there is so much you can do to help when one member of the team feels bad so we simply had to slow down so that he wouldn’t explode completely. We also had a small incident right before the 3rd (and last) water point, Jeff’s watter bottle support on his seatpost broke in a fast and rocky downhill and everything got lost out there. We came back and look for the pieces for a few minutes but all we found was the bottle while we were looking for the « super expensive » King titanium cage. We were in the middle of apple trees so hopefully titanium can help grow apples as it won’t hold our bottles anymore here 😉 !!!

Luckily Jeff legs came back to life with 10km to go, it seems the very steep climbs after the third water point actually helped him recover… yeah you’re not misreading, he is the only guy I know getting better after super steep climbs, remember when I was talking about him being a feather after the prologue, well that was not a joke !

All in all, we still finished a bit in the back, in between Jeff feeling bad and the water bottle incident we probably lost about 20mn from an expected normal performance from us. But we’ll get to live another day… we had no major incident today and the most important part no-one crashed or got stomach sick (these are the two main reasons for not finishing a Cape Epic or a stage race in general for that matter) so we are up and running and now 43th in the general classication. I’m really looking forward for us to having both a good day on the same day, this could make for an awsome mountain bike ride. We have four days to come up with that so let’s do it !

A picture of today’s finish and statistics of the day below the picture.



– Stage results

– Jeff’s TrainingPeaks curve + map

– Pyf’s TrainingPeaks curve + map

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Un commentaire pour Cape Epic, a day in the life of Team American Classic – KMC – Look… stage three

  1. Jérôme dit :

    Toujours aussi plaisant de vous suivre ! Vous avez intérêt à bien vous connaître et cela a l’air de fonctionner à merveille ! Allez, courage et bonne continuation 😉 Vivement la suite …

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